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Welcome to Child’s Play Fashions

Child’s Play is the inevitable manifestation of two important realities: Geoff rey was once a very mischievous, energetic and curious little boy himself; as well as the fact that he grew up to have six rambunctious kids of his own. No less important inspirations were his years as a young man piloting a children’s theatre troupe, and fi nally, playing the parts of both The Marvelous Magical Burger King and Ronald McDonald in North America in the early 1980s

As an artist and designer, his credentials are well known having exhibited his work in galleries since his university days in the mid 1970s, to his designs for Pete Townshend and The Who following graduation. As a successful author he contributed many illustrations to the thirty plus books he published from 1984 until today.

Giuliano recognized that in this world of violent video games, dark super heroes, and a global net based community where children inevitably grow up way too fast there was a real need for a gentler, more reasoned, classical approach to the clothes our children wear, the books they read, and the life that’s handed them by the older generation.

Geoffrey went from being an awkward little boy unable to keep pace with his classmates in reading to becoming a successful actor, speaker and author from one primary event in his young life: his mother, Myrna, took the time to read to him from good children’s books almost every night working patiently with him until Geoffrey could not only read the stories himself, but act them out in the various character’s voices as well. Favorites included the Uncle Wiggily books, Little Brown Bear, Babar The Elephant, The Madeleine stories, A Christmas Carol, Curious George, Treasure Island and, of course, Alice In Wonderland.

One of the perhaps less familiar names to parents here at Child’s Play is story teller, The Old Gray Goose from Lockport, New York. Originally from New England, Goose started out as an occasional actor and entry level broadcaster who went on to dedicate his life to gently entertaining and educating literally thousands of children of several generations with his work at the YMCA and as program director at the wonderful camp Kenan along the sleepy shores of Lake Ontario in Barker, New York. Geoffrey first met Goose when he was just seven years old and was entranced by his wonderful stories, songs, as well as the stirring moral leadership he gave to the campers he so patiently worked with. Geoffrey never forgot this amazing man who brought to life great literature and performances on a daily basis at the historic camp. Decades later, Giuliano ran into Goose on a Lockport street corner while riding his bicycle to the YMCA in the dead of winter. Geoffrey rolled down the window of his car and yelled out, “Hey Goose! Why don’t we record all those songs and stories you used to do for us kids?” Goose was unsure, but ultimately, the two got together in Giuliano’s Avalon’s Studios and recorded pretty much Goose’s entire repertoire. Child’s Play proudly presents The Old Gray Goose Collection – where kids from yet another generation – can experience the wonder and excitement of this masterful, home grown artist and caring man.

We all love our children more than life itself, but in this modern, and often tragic world how easy is it to make that kind of quality time for our kids, and most importantly, where are the classical ideas, images and influences so important to the growth and evolution of our precious younger generation?

In our own small way, Child’s Play has tried to be true to that long ago, and so very vital ideal, making a safe, supportive and educational environment where kids can still be kids just as long as they need to be.